Half Time Drill Driver - DOUBLE BONUS OFFER

half timeDon't waste valuable time struggling with home improvement projects.  The Half Time™ Drill Driver As Seen on TV is the innovative new way to drill, flip, and drive in only five seconds! You will no longer have to switch back and forth between drill bits and driver heads. With HalfTime, you'll never have to change a bit in the middle of a job again.





Half Time is perfect for do-it-yourself folks!


Half Time™ also works for contractors, even first time fixer-uppers. The swivel head flips and locks for precision performance on any job.  Complete your projects in half as much time and save money!  Drill, flip, drive and get it done in half the time.


Half Time works with your  existing tools

HalfTime Drill Driver is made work with the tools you already have. You can go from drilling to driving, phillips to flat, any combination for any task. Half Time Drill Driver will take the hard work out of most any job. Buy 1 Half Time Now and Get 1 Free for just $19.95!